Hygiene & Prevention

At Dr. Steve Johnson Dental Group in Kelowna, we recommend our patients maintain good oral hygiene, a balanced diet, and regular dental checkups and cleanings.

What is Preventive Dental Hygiene?

Preventative Dental Hygiene includes attending regular dental appointments and practicing good oral health care daily. 

These practices can help decrease the likelihood of dental problems and help you avoid serious and costly treatments in the future. 

Oral infection can easily access the blood stream and spread harmful bacteria to every part of your body. Prevention is by far the best course of action.

Oral Hygiene Services

Hygiene & Prevention | Kelowna Dentist | Dr. Steve Johnson Dental Group
  • Cleanings & Exams

    Our Kelowna dentists and dental hygienists provide regular exams and cleanings to help you maintain your oral health, and to identify and treat any developing issues before they get worse.   What is a Professional Cleaning & Exam? A professional cleaning and exam take place in one appointment at your dental office, usually every six months. At this visit, your dental hygienist will co...
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  • Fluoride Treatment

    Our Kelowna dentists provide fluoride treatment to help strengthen tooth enamel and prevent decay.  What is Fluoride? Fluoride is a natural mineral commonly used in dentistry. Found in soil, air, water and even some foods, fluoride can also help rebuild the minerals in the enamel of your teeth to prevent or reverse tooth decay.  Request Appointment Professional Fluorid...
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  • Periowave™ Laser Therapy

    Our Kelowna dentists use Periowave Laser Therapy to kill harmful bacteria along the gums without pain, heat or surgery.  What is Periowave? Periowave is a non-invasive antimicrobial photodynamic therapy (a-PDT) that helps to kill and inhibit the growth of bacteria along the gums. If left untreated, buildup of plaque and tartar can lead to other health issue including bacterial pneumonia, ...
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Welcoming New Patients

Our Kelowna dentists are always happy to accept new patients in the Okanagan Valley. 

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