When a tooth is infected or decaying, root canal therapy is typically the treatment of choice for saving the tooth. Root canal therapy eliminates the significant cost and potential for future problems that is often associated with removing the infected tooth.  The process involves removing the pulp tissue (nerve and blood supply of the tooth), as well as any infection or bacteria, and filling the space with medicated, dental materials.

Typically, a crown is recommended after the root canal to prevent the now brittle tooth from fracturing.  This treatment option is highly successful and long lasting, although on occasion a tooth will have to be retreated due to new infections.

Signs and symptoms for possible Root Canal Therapy:

  • An abscess (or pimple) on the gums.
  • Sensitivity to hot and cold.
  • Severe toothache pain.
  • Sometimes no symptoms are present.
  • Swellingand/or tenderness.

Reasons for Root Canal Therapy:

  • Decay has reached the tooth pulp (the living tissue inside the tooth).
  • Infection or abscess have developed insidethe tooth or at the root tip.
  • Injury or trauma to the tooth.

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